Controls have been confusing, and I did a bad job of explaining them in game. Here's a (hopefully) better explanation of the controls.

  1. Press left or right to start walking out onto the diving board
  2. Press up when you want to start jumping before you walk off the edge
  3. Press jump again once right before you hit the diving board until you start diving
  4. When diving through the air, press up, right, or left, as much as you can to pose

Pro Tip: time your poses so you aren't posing when you enter the pool for a more graceful dive


Submission for VimJam 2! Requirement: Boss. Theme: On the edge.

Become the coolest kid of all summer by winning a diving competition to become boss of the public pool!


BossDiver.exe 41 MB


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Beautiful gameart and great sound. Really love the mechanic and the menu! great job!

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loved the art and the sounds idk if i'm not good but the only thing that i can do is RightArrow then UPArrow